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Apr 17

Anonymous asked: Good night! And amazing chapter Btw! This is getting to intense. Gahhh! Hope you post more tmr. Like... 20 chapters more. Jk. A girl can only wish.

Well I’m up and about to start writing, so let’s see how many I can get done ;) :P

Apr 16

I’m off to bed.

tomorrow we shall see what exactly Hydra plans to do with James’ girl…and what he’s going to do to them once he finds them…..;)

Apr 16

Black women in Philadelphia, be careful!




It turns out there’s a man out there stealing Black women’s purses and then killing the Black women (whether they give up their purse or not).

Spread the word. Be Safe.

Gonna keep reblogging this, who’s ever is doing this is ruthless. He’s already killed four people. Be safe out there.


Apr 16

I’m waiting up for a little bit yet because i need more reviews! Just like you die for a chapter to post, i die for the review! :P

Apr 16

Anonymous asked: OMG NO NO NO NO NO NO. This can't happen. NO. WAY. (But I still loved chapter 21 anyway btw)

Oh yes dear anon. It did happen ;)


Thanks though ;)

Apr 16

I want reviews before I pass out!!! XD Can’t wait to hear thoughts

Apr 16

Who Are You? Who Am I? Chapter 21!

Title: Who Are You? Who Am I?
Chapter (If applicable): 21
Author: sebastianstanning
Which Sebastian (Actor or AU) or Character: Bucky Barnes, post Cap 2
Pairing (If applicable): Bucky/OFC
Rating: M
Warnings (If applicable): There are instances of violence.
Fic Summary: The Winter Soldier is conflicted. After his mission to destroy Steve Rogers fails, he decides his new mission is to learn his identity. With some help from a stranger, perhaps he just might regain what was lost so many years ago. Kelly Olson doesn’t know what to do when she first meets the Winter Soldier. Caught up in a strange reality where an assassin requires her help and learning about Hydra and its dangers, she doesn’t know how to react. Only time will tell if this ordinary girl can step up and be as extraordinary as the people she encounters.

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Apr 16


Apr 16

Editing and posting :P

Apr 16

I will say this, I really like this chapter :P